När säger vi skål igen?

Show me your ass and I'll show you mine


karlN min lagar mat åt oss <3
älskar dig

Cuse sometimes it happends

lets go nuts!

Livet är underbart! yeah ♥

The four letters


What is love all real about? Is it the love we give our parents when we clean the whole house from floor to roof? Or is it the love we give our friends when we sit and listen to some un important stuff? Or is love the feeling which goes trough your body when you tell a person you love them.
 Can we ever know what love is, and even feel it? How can you be sure thats this is the right one? Who may you ask for the right answer to this question? The love guadin Afrodite? or a old lady like..Rose from Titanic? What would I say if I got the chance to ask? One question or a million? I hope I get to know the answer...But maybe we know what love is...when the mouth start to smile on its own and when your heart start to go insane when you are too far away from someone you care about..this is the feeling we all call..the four letters.

Eyes of an angel

I wonder...is this what love feels like...i must be in heaven


Its just life dude !


Scorpion Risning klar!

Nu är den äntligen kvar! =) gjorde klart den igår kväll/natt! Så mysigt att teckna på kvällskvisten! :D Man får inspirationen som mest då! PASSION!

likt? ;)

Mitt nästa projekt!
Eftersom jag är ett BIG fan av gladiator så blir denna nästa projekt ;)